Founder of the company

Noura Al Ameri is a Qatari Businesswoman who graduated from the College of Technology in Qatar University in 1996 and she is currently working in the Ministry of Municipality and Urban Planning. She has a passion for travel and tourism and is interested in changing the perspective of Arab women on travel and tourism.

She has started her tourism process from 2006 to 2014 with the Ministry of Arts and Culture, the British Institute and the American Embassy, she has gained a lot of scientific and practical experience in the tourism and travel sector and supervision until she has opened Tartebkum Holidays Company in 2014 to continue her passion for adventure and adventure.


To be the leading company in the field of sustainable tourism (for women in particular) in Qatar and abroad to include families.

Work to attract tourists and business men and women from outside the country.

Make Qatar the focus of the world as a tourist destination.

Work to open up several areas for the State abroad in the field of tourism and investment.

Providing a special and high-quality recreational cultural health tourist environment for ladies.

Tartebkum Holidays is a tourism Company that caters to female clientele and children.

The business model revolves around creating land trips and voyages inside Qatar thereby having a modern approach on local tourism.

Services are not limited to the local market Tartebkum also organizes trips abroad while insuring privacy for Arab and Muslim women while meeting all of their needs such as entertainment, culture, health and beauty.

The company has organized trips to Sri Lanka, Malaysia, America, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Austria, Egypt, Jordan, London, Turkey, Japan and Kuwait. The Foundation has received great support and welcome from Qataris and Gulf women as being the first Qatari women's tourism office.

Company Profile